17 October – Students in Iran are staging mounting protests at the gender segregation, suppression and poor services at universities throughout the regime.
At Ferdosi University, in the city of Mashhad, officials have imposed a strict gender segregation plan with only male students permitted to be members of student associations – but the measure caused such outrage it has now been scrapped.
Persian Literature students at Tehran’s Tarbiat Moddares University protested on October 14 against the poor conditions and the timetabling of their study plans.
And on October 13, more than 70 students at Kermanshah’s Razi University gathered in protest against the dilapidated state of their dormitories and accommodation.
On October 12, architecture students at Tehran’s Azad University protested against increased tuition fees, while students at Zabol University are warning of more protests at officials’ negligence of their demands – especially lack of air-conditioning on buses in stifling heat.
Veterinary students at Shahr-e Kord Azad University have also protested at the suppressive measures imposed on female students, causing three students to be severely beaten by security forces and intelligence ministry agents.

executed refugees

NCRI – The Iraqi forces under the command Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki have shot and killed at least five arrested and handcuffed residents by shooting at them in close range.

Ms Maryam Hosseini, Mr Rahman Manani, Mr Saeed Akhavan, Mr Hossein Rasouli, Mr Ibrahim Assadi had been all arrested and they were handcuffed when the Iraqi forces fired at them.

The criminal Iraqi forces of Nouri al-Maliki set ablaze a large portion of properties of Camp Ashraf residents. A thick smoke has covered the camp.

Some 100 Iranian refugees affiliated to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have been living in Camp Ashraf.

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URGENT – Massacre in iranian refugee camp

NCRI, sunday 1st of September, NCRI – The death toll of the raid by Iraqi forces under the command of Nouri al-Maliki against the Iranian residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq has raised to 23 as of 10:00 Baghdad local time.

The raid by criminal Iraqi forces on the defenseless Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf began midnight on Saturday and has been continuing.

All the residents of the camp are faced with total massacre at the hands of Iraqi forces.

At least five of the residents were fired at in close range while they had been arrested and handcuffed.

Many injured residents are in critical condition.

The attacking forces are composed of a number of Iraqi Army battalions and include special units of Iraqi SWAT teams. One of the attacking battalions belongs to the 36 brigade of the Iraqi Army.

The Iranian resistance calls for urgent action by UNAMI and the American Embassy in Iraq to immediately dispatch a delegation to Camp Ashraf in order to prevent the continuation of the massacre of the residents.

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Pictures of the attack on camp Liberty today

liberty 15 page 1 liberty 15 - page2


Kolthom Serahati

Kolsoum shahid

NCRI, 15th of June 2013 – Simultaneous with Iranian regime’s election masquerade and its nationwide  boycott by the Iranian people, at 13:15 Baghdad local time Camp Liberty was targeted by many rockets that has resulted in many casualties.  Further information on the attack will be published.

Camp Liberty houses over 3,000 member of Iranian opposition the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Iraq.

During the past four months, following the February 9 missile attack, residents of Camp Liberty and many international organizations and personalities on numerous occasions had demanded that the refugees be returned to Camp Ashraf where  to provide them with minimum security.

Following the missile attack on February 9 the camp’s residents for over a hundred times called on the Government of Iraq, the United Nations and the US government to provide their minimum security by returning the T-walls, transferring their hard hats and protective vests which all had been rejected by the Government of Iraq.

Ten of 107 millimeter rockets landed in Camp Liberty.

Mrs Kolthom Serahati and another resident of Camp Liberty was slain in Saturday’s rocket  attack on Camp Liberty, and a large number of residents were wounded.

None of the agents of Martin Kobler in Iraq came to the scene.  Their absence at the time when they have to be present is very suspicious and questionable.

The agents spend hours roaming in the camp and taking pictures and videos from all areas of the camp on daily basis.


The Iranian regime’s State Security Forces have arrested a number of young girls disguising as boys to enter sport stadium.
The head of Special Unites of the State Security Forces told state-run Fars news agency on Saturday, May 11: “A number of girls who had painted their faces to look like boys, tried to enter the football stadium. We arrested them and turned them over to the judicial authorities.”
In Iran women and girls are banned from Azadi stadium (the national football stadium). In response to this ban, women and girls have began dressing up as men to gain entrance.

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Iran: Army warns it is ready to crush election protests


Armed forces chief Firouz-Abadi

NCRI, 23 April 2013 – The Iranian regime’s armed forces are on high alert to crush any public protests during this June’s presidential election, the head of the regime’s armed forces has warned.

The country’s rulers are known to be terrified of the prospect of a massive uprising similar to the nationwide protests during the 2009 election.

Armed forces chief Seyed Hassan Firouz-Abadi has now told the state-run Mehr news agency: “Our armed forces are completely ready to confront any kind of possible sedition and evil in the forthcoming elections.

“Our armed forces are experienced forces. They have experienced the riots during the 2009 uprising, and they are fully acquainted with how to confront these kinds of dangers.

“Our armed forces are not politically motivated. Their duty is to plan, prepare, guard and monitor all the places where trouble may start, and they are planning ahead for this now.”

10 April 2013

Amnesty International
2012 saw the resumption of executions in several countries that had not used the death penalty in some time, notably India, Japan, Pakistan and Gambia, as well as an alarming escalation in executions in Iraq. But the use of the death penalty continues to be restricted to an isolated group of countries, and progress towards its abolition was seen in all regions of the world.

The death penalty in numbers
Only 21 of the world’s countries were recorded as having carried out executions in 2012 – the same number as in 2011, but down from 28 countries a decade earlier in 2003.

In 2012, at least 682 executions were known to have been carried out worldwide, two more than in 2011. At least 1,722 newly imposed death sentences in 58 countries could be confirmed, compared to 1,923 in 63 countries the year before.

“The regression we saw in some countries this year was disappointing, but it does not reverse the worldwide trend against using the death penalty. In many parts of the world, executions are becoming a thing of the past,” said Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International.

“Only one in 10 countries in the world carries out executions. Their leaders should ask themselves why they are still applying a cruel and inhumane punishment that the rest of the world is leaving behind.”

The top five executing countries in the world were once again China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and USA, with Yemen closely behind.

How and why people are executed
Methods of executions in 2012 included hanging, beheading, firing squad and lethal injection. In Saudi   Arabia, the body of one man executed through beheading was displayed in what is known as “crucifixion”.

People faced the death penalty for a range of crimes including non-violent drug-related and economic offences, but also for “apostasy”, “blasphemy”, and “adultery” – acts that should not be considered crimes at all.

Wathiq al-Batat, leader of Iraqi Hezbollah and Mukhtar Army:
•    Killing of Mojahedin is a religious and ethical duty and in near future we will target them again

•    We are committed to Khamenei as the Supreme Leader and refer to him for military and political issues

•    Wathiq al-Batat has links with Al-Qaeda, has had 1200 operations against Americans and has inflicted blows to Mubarak port in Kuwait

International Arabic language newspapers of Al Hayat and Asharq-al-Awsat on Monday February 25 published interviews with Mullah Vasegh Albattat, leader of “Iraqi Hezbollah” and the “Mukhtar Army” who is in Najaf, Iraq. He stressed in these interviews that he was under the command of the mullahs’ regime Supreme Leader and promised more attacks on the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI.MEK).
The interviews clearly show that the Iraqi Hezbollah and al-Batat are part of the mullahs’ regime Revolutionary Guards Corps, which is under the command of Khamenei, and operates in coordination with Maliki’s government.
In this interview, al-Batat “promised he would inflict a second crippling blow on PMOI and stressed that we consider striking and killing them as a religious and ethical duty and we would target them again in near future.” These newspapers quoted him as saying “I am a faithful to the line of Velayat-e-faqih (Supreme Leader) that Mr. Khamenei represents and Hezbollah is a follower of Khamenei and we are committed to him as our leader and go to him for military and political issues … All of Hezbollah branches across the world are in touch with the office of the Supreme Leader and Mr. Khamenei… I am the regional representative of Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Al-Alawi Al-Gorgani whose permanent residence is in Qom and I am the director of his office in Najaf.”
He emphasized: His group will target “those who want to distance Shiism from the state” and promised strong response to Kurds in Iraq and Kuwait “in case they want to spread in the Iraqi territory.” Al-Batat said “he has got master’s degree in military science from Tehran University”, “has executed 1200 operations against Americans” and “has inflicted blows to Kuwait’s port Mubarak.” He acknowledged “he was been in contact with Al-Qaeda from the past and his relationship continues until now.”  “We occasionally contact them to get information in return for some money and they would provide it to us.” These statements clearly show that Al-Qaeda has no existence in Iraq without the Iranian regime and the terrorist Quds Force.
Meanwhile mullahs’ regime websites declared that Wathiq al-Batat “has threatened Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other dictators in the region” that “we intend to capture the Saudi Kingdom and pray in Haramein Al-Sharif (Mecca). He stressed that the Mukhtar Army would support the central government in fighting corruption and countering terrorist groups and Al-Qaeda and what is called Iraqi Free Army.” (State-run Asremrooz – February 25)
These statements clearly show the goal of forcible displacement of Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty was their annihilation and today their protection and safety is top priority. To prevent further catastrophes, the only immediate and available option is their transfer to Camp Ashraf, and the US and UN should focus all their efforts to this end.
Any delay in doing so under whatever pretext, is unacceptable because a repeat of the catastrophe and a fourth massacre is quite possible at any moment, and no excuse from the US or the UN or any other party will be acceptable.
The Iranian resistance announced on February 13 that the decision on the February 9 rocket attack against Camp Liberty was made in the mullahs’ Supreme National Security Council and ordered by Khamenei.
The responsibility for the implementation of the operation, the coordination with the Iraqi government was given to the terrorist Quds Force and the Iranian regime’s Embassy in Baghdad. The operating group was from “Kata’ib Hezbollah or Hezbollah Brigades” death squads and Quds agents. These squads were created by the mullahs’ regime and in coordination with the Iraqi government they target in Iraq those that Iranian regime wishes.
Mukhtar Army announced its creation on February 4, five days prior to the missile attack on Camp Liberty.  According to reports by Iraqi media and news agencies, it held a military parade in Sana’e club in Baghdad few hours after its announcement with Iraqi army and police providing their security.
The name Mukhtar (which symbolizes revenge) is a reference to Maliki. Asharq-Al-Awsat wrote on February 11: “In slogans that were shouted in support of Maliki by groups associated with him, they describe Maliki as “Mukhtar of the time”.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran February 25, 2013

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Iran: Families of PMOI (MEK) members arrested

NCRI – The Iranian regime has arrested a number of relatives of members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Among those arrested on Monday February 18 are: Mrs. Akram Sanjari and her son Milad Yazdan-panah, Mrs. Donia Karimi and her 20 year old son Hanif Attarzadeh; and Asef Rezaeian who is under 18.

The agents did not give any explanation on the reason for their arrests.

Simultaneous with February 9th massive rocket attack on the Camp Liberty in Iraq that houses thousands of PMOI (MEK) members, the Iranian regime has intensified pressure and crackdown on supporters of PMOI(MEK) and families of residents of Camp Liberty and Ashraf  living in Iran.

Many PMOI family members have been imprisoned without any justifications.

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