Posted by: bahareiran | October 19, 2013

Wave of protests in Iran


NCRI, 7 October 2013: Residents from Tehran’s Hashtgerd district gathered in protest at poor housing and accommodation conditions. One protester said: “They force people to purchase the poorly-built houses, while other buildings in the district are also falling into a state of dilapidation.”

October 9: Employees of a power research center protested against the cancellation of their transportation service and demanded urgent action to restore it. Security forces then used force to disperse the protesters, arresting three workers and transferring them to an unknown location.

October 12: People in the city of Arak defied the presence of security forces to stage their 17th protest on Saturday at the failure of the authorities to tackle the problem of air pollution. The city of Arak so far this year had 83 days of polluted air – 74 per cent higher than last year.

October 13: Hundreds of people in the city of Bandar Abbas protested outside the main state-run Television Network in objection to its silence over the separation of Parsian City from this province. Protesters demanded the television channel broadcast their protest. They also chanted slogans in anger at the separation plan and demanded a local resident be chosen as the province’s governor.

This is the fourth protest of the people of Bandar Abbas. So far more than 100 protesters have been arrested by the security forces.

More than 200 farmers from around the cities of Lenjan and Zarin Shahr in Isfahan chanted anti-government slogans outside the Hygiene Bureau at damage caused by government officials to their lands and crops.

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