Posted by: bahareiran | October 19, 2013

Iraqi TV: Health of Camp Liberty hunger strikers deteriorating


NCRI – 18 October 2013 – According to a report by the Iraqi Al-Rafeddin TV channel more than two dozen of the hunger strikers have been transferred to hospital due to their critical conditions.
Despite alarming physical condition and suffering from dizziness, headaches , digestive problems , bone pain, blurred vision and sleep the protesters have said they will continue their protest.
Al-Rafeddin TV reported that their highest priority demand is to have seven Camp Ashraf hostages released.
The hunger strike began on September 1 following the massacre at Camp Ashraf during which 52 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) were executed.
Among the hunger strikers there are many members of families of the hostages and victims of the September 1 massacre.
Simultaneous with the hunger strike in Camp Liberty similar protests are held in Berlin, Geneva, Ottawa and Melbourne. Protesters also demand an independent investigation into the massacre at Camp Ashraf.


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