Posted by: bahareiran | October 19, 2013

Iran: Students protests gender segregation, suppression, poor services

17 October – Students in Iran are staging mounting protests at the gender segregation, suppression and poor services at universities throughout the regime.
At Ferdosi University, in the city of Mashhad, officials have imposed a strict gender segregation plan with only male students permitted to be members of student associations – but the measure caused such outrage it has now been scrapped.
Persian Literature students at Tehran’s Tarbiat Moddares University protested on October 14 against the poor conditions and the timetabling of their study plans.
And on October 13, more than 70 students at Kermanshah’s Razi University gathered in protest against the dilapidated state of their dormitories and accommodation.
On October 12, architecture students at Tehran’s Azad University protested against increased tuition fees, while students at Zabol University are warning of more protests at officials’ negligence of their demands – especially lack of air-conditioning on buses in stifling heat.
Veterinary students at Shahr-e Kord Azad University have also protested at the suppressive measures imposed on female students, causing three students to be severely beaten by security forces and intelligence ministry agents.


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