Posted by: bahareiran | October 19, 2013

Iran decides man who survived execution should be hanged a second time

Iranians watch hanging

ABC NEWS, 18 October 2013 – An Iranian man who survived being hanged for 12 minutes is reportedly recovering in hospital after he was discovered still breathing in a mortuary.

But the ordeal of the man being called “Alireza M” is far from over after a judge declared that, once he is well, the 37-year-old father of two should face execution all over again.

Until last Wednesday, Alizera was just one of hundreds of people who are hanged in Iran each year for drug offences.

His sentence was carried out on October the 9th – unsuccessfully.

They hung him by his neck for 12 minutes until they pronounced him dead.

“When his family came to collect the body the next day in the morgue, they actually found that Alireza was alive and that he had in fact survived this horrific ordeal,” said Michael Hayworth of Amnesty International Australia.

The group has launched a global campaign to raise awareness of Alireza’s case and others like him who are not so lucky.

Iran’s in one of the top-five executors worldwide, killing about 508 people so far this year, 221 of whom have not yet been confirmed by state news media or the state themselves.

At least 125 of them have been executed since the country’s new president Hassan Rouhani took office.

The vast majority of people sentenced to death in Iran are convicted of drug crimes.

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