Posted by: bahareiran | June 15, 2013

Camp Liberty, Iraq – Residents killed and injured as Iranians were targeted with tens of rockets


Kolthom Serahati

Kolsoum shahid

NCRI, 15th of June 2013 – Simultaneous with Iranian regime’s election masquerade and its nationwide  boycott by the Iranian people, at 13:15 Baghdad local time Camp Liberty was targeted by many rockets that has resulted in many casualties.  Further information on the attack will be published.

Camp Liberty houses over 3,000 member of Iranian opposition the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Iraq.

During the past four months, following the February 9 missile attack, residents of Camp Liberty and many international organizations and personalities on numerous occasions had demanded that the refugees be returned to Camp Ashraf where  to provide them with minimum security.

Following the missile attack on February 9 the camp’s residents for over a hundred times called on the Government of Iraq, the United Nations and the US government to provide their minimum security by returning the T-walls, transferring their hard hats and protective vests which all had been rejected by the Government of Iraq.

Ten of 107 millimeter rockets landed in Camp Liberty.

Mrs Kolthom Serahati and another resident of Camp Liberty was slain in Saturday’s rocket  attack on Camp Liberty, and a large number of residents were wounded.

None of the agents of Martin Kobler in Iraq came to the scene.  Their absence at the time when they have to be present is very suspicious and questionable.

The agents spend hours roaming in the camp and taking pictures and videos from all areas of the camp on daily basis.


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