Posted by: bahareiran | April 23, 2013

Iran: Army warns it is ready to crush election protests


Armed forces chief Firouz-Abadi

NCRI, 23 April 2013 – The Iranian regime’s armed forces are on high alert to crush any public protests during this June’s presidential election, the head of the regime’s armed forces has warned.

The country’s rulers are known to be terrified of the prospect of a massive uprising similar to the nationwide protests during the 2009 election.

Armed forces chief Seyed Hassan Firouz-Abadi has now told the state-run Mehr news agency: “Our armed forces are completely ready to confront any kind of possible sedition and evil in the forthcoming elections.

“Our armed forces are experienced forces. They have experienced the riots during the 2009 uprising, and they are fully acquainted with how to confront these kinds of dangers.

“Our armed forces are not politically motivated. Their duty is to plan, prepare, guard and monitor all the places where trouble may start, and they are planning ahead for this now.”


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