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‘Shocking and appalling’ deadly attack on Camp Liberty condemned by UN, Amnesty

six-martyrs-camp_liberty9 February 2013

Iranians in London protest attack on Camp Liberty

NCRI – The deadly mortar and missile attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq on Saturday which killed six and left at least 100 injured has been condemned by the United Nations Secretary Generl, EP Delegation for Relations with Iraq, Amnesty International and the the UN’s High Commission for Refugees.
The UN said Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon ‘strongly condemned’ the violence and called on Iraq to carry out a full investigation to bring the killers to justice.

A statement from the UN said: “The Secretary-General strongly condemns the mortar attack today on Camp Liberty.
“The Secretary-General calls on the Government of Iraq, which is responsible for the safety and security of residents of both Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf, to promptly and fully investigate the incident and bring perpetrators to justice.
“He has repeatedly stated that violence and provocation are unacceptable.
“He reiterates the United Nations strong commitment to continue its long-standing efforts to facilitate a peaceful and durable solution for the residents of both Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf pursuant to its agreement with the Government of Iraq of 25 December 2011.”

UNHCR chief: This is a despicable act of violence

UNHCR chief Antonio Guterres said: “I strongly condemn this attack. This is a despicable act of violence.”
“I call on the Iraqi Government to do everything it can to guarantee security to the residents. The perpetrators must be found and brought to justice without delay.”
Mr Guterres said Camp Liberty residents were asylum seekers undergoing the refugee status determination process and so entitled to international protection.
The High Commissioner also called on all countries to help find urgent solutions for the Camp Liberty residents and expressed his ‘deep condolences’ to the families of the victims.

Amnesty International: The attack against Camp Liberty is a despicable crime

Human rights group Amnesty International demanded that Iraq urgently investigate the attack and look into the conduct of Iraqi security forces before and when it happened to determine if they could have prevented it.
Amnesty’s Middle East and North Africa Program’s Deputy Director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said in a statement:  “The attack against Camp Liberty is a despicable crime.
“The authorities in Iraq must ensure not only that those responsible for this attack are brought to justice but that those living in the camp are protected.”

Call on Secretary of State John Kerry to take immediate action

And the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq said it was ‘appalling’ at the attack.
Its president Struan Stevenson MEP called on US Secretary of State John Kerry to take urgent action to relocate the camp’s 3100 residents to safety.
Mr Stevenson said: “Camp Liberty’s atrocious prison-like conditions, its inadequate protection and lack of progress in relocating these innocent refugees and asylum seekers to third countries, further necessitates the return of these residents to Camp Ashraf until they can be taken out of Iraq to countries of safety.
“The US Government and the UN are directly responsible for the security and protection of these refugees and they have failed them miserably.
“I hold them fully accountable for this latest atrocity. The 3100 residents crammed into Camp Liberty are sitting ducks who can be murdered at will by Iraqis and their Iranian sponsors. We warned that this would happen and absolutely no notice was taken.
“I call on the newly appointed US Secretary of State John Kerry to take immediate action to get these people relocated to places of safety.”

Declare Camp Liberty a refugee camp, return residents to Camp Ashraf

Stevenson also called on the UNHCR to declare the refugee status of the residents of Camp Liberty immediately in order to protect their lives.
And he urged UN High Commissioner Antonio Guterres to force the Iraqi government to relocate the residents of Liberty back to Ashraf without delay.
He said: “This is a humanitarian necessity, a legal necessity, and an ethical necessity that the European Union, the U.S. government, and the United Nations must try immediately to make happen.”



  1. I do think Iran is behind this attack.— These persistent and strong freedom -fighters who have one main goal in life ; A free and democratic Iran- should have more attention and support from UN and the International Community. NO DOUBT about that !

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