Posted by: bahareiran | January 23, 2013

Iran: The horrible killing of a student under torture

Keramatallah Za’reian

Keramatallah Za’reian

shaheed2 shaheed3

NCRI, 15 January 2013 – The clerical regime in a horrible crime against humanity, murdered , 27 year old student at TehranUniversity under torture. He is the third prisoner following Sattar Beheshti and Jamil Soweidi who has been killed under torture in a month and its news has been leaked out. Many political prisoners are annihilated in torture chambers and safe houses but their news story never leaks out.

Keramatallah Za’reian, who was arrested three times before because of his political activities and was always wanted, disappeared on December 25. Then the executioners, who killed him under torture, placed his body in the bathtub of his home in Tehran’s Nezamabad district and in order to remove torture signs, placed Za’reian’s corpse in the bathtub and left hot water running. His body was disintegrated due to infections and was in pieces, terribly deformed. Henchmen informed his family on December 29 that due to an incident that has happened for Keramtallah, they were asked to go from Jahrom to Tehran. The mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) agents have told his family that because he had insulted “the leader”, he was physically punished.

Keramatallah Za’reian started his protest activities from the onset of his admission to the School of Fine Arts of Tehran University in 2003. He was arrested for the first time in 2006. On December 7, 2009 he was arrested for the second time, was transferred to Kahrizak death camp, went under cruel torture and then was transferred to Evin prison. After his release, he was always under pressure and prosecution, and was expelled from the university. He was arrested for the third time in February 2011 and was placed under brutal torture.


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