Posted by: bahareiran | August 16, 2012

Man imprisoned in horrible conditions for phoning his sister

Political prisoner Manouchehr Meimanat who is detained in Berazjan Prison is kept in poor conditions.

According to reports, Meimanat who was an employee in the Sapia Car Factory, was arrested in 2010 for communicating with his sister who is a member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. After a few months in solitary confinement in cellblock 209, he was transferred to cellblock 350 in Evin Prison in 2011 and then to Berazjan Prison in Bushehr. He is currently being kept in this prison in poor conditions.

Notably, his case was seen to by the 28th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Moqiseh, where he was sentenced to four years of prison to be spent in Berazjan Prison.

He said in a phone call from this prison that he was being kept in a 20-meter room with more than 80 criminals and drug addicts and that minimum sanitary facilities did not exist in this prison. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Aug. 8, 2012)


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