Posted by: bahareiran | August 16, 2012

Iran denies girls the right to study in more than 70 university courses

Iran steps up gender segregation and denies girls the right to study in more than 70 university courses

According to reports, this year, 36 universities [have announced that they will not] accept girls in a number of university courses in the 2012 Course Selection Booklet.

These 36 universities had accepted girls last year in these courses but this year, they will only accept boys.

In 2012, only two courses were removed from girls’ curriculum, but now, in some universities 77 courses will not accept girls. (Mehr states—run News Agency – Aug. 6, 2012)

Head of Oil Industry University says they will not accept women because oil industry does not female employees

“This year, we will not accept any female students in any bachelor’s degree courses”, The Dean of the Oil Industry University said adding that the reason why women were not accepted this year in this university is that the oil industry does not need female employees.

“The hard working conditions and the fact that the oil industry does not currently need the female work force have led us not to accept women who want to get their bachelor’s degree”, Gholamreza Rashed said.

“Of course in previous years only 10 percent of our acceptance capacity was allocated to women which means from 30 students only three were female students”, he added. (Mehr state-run News Agency – Aug. 7, 2012)

Head of university says women are banned from education because some courses are considered ‘manly’

The heads of five universities in the country who have brought down their female acceptance rate to zero in some of their courses announced their reasons for their actions…

Dr. Hassan Zamanian, the head of Lorestan University said in this regard, “Some courses have a manly [masculine] nature and men only have to be accepted like in the veterinaries course which has a manly nature and one has to be present at a village at all times in the day and night and men are capable of doing this”. (Mehr state-run News Agency – Aug. 8, 2012)


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