Posted by: bahareiran | August 16, 2012

Cleric bans funeral ceremony for 16-year old suicide victims in Kerman

The Public Cultural Council of the town of Anar in Kerman which was held with the presence of Hojatel-Islam Hossein Ibrahimi, the head of Friday Prayers and Anar Governor Majid E’temadi announced that holding funeral ceremonies for those who commit suicide is banned.

“To prevent the great sin of suicide, necessary coordination has to be carried out in mosques and holding such ceremonies should be banned in other mosques”, this council announced…

Last week, a 16-year-old boy committed suicide in Anar but his family was not allowed to bury him or hold a funeral for him in the Imamzadeh Mohammad Saleh Cemetery in this town.

“After Mehrdad committed suicide, we went to talk to the head of Friday Prayers to bury him in the Imamzadeh, but he disagreed”, one of the teenager’s relatives said.

“They did not even let us hold a funeral for him in the Imamzadeh. This is while people who had committed suicide in previous years have been buried in the Imamzadeh and ceremonies were also held for them there. But I do not know why we were not allowed to do this”, he added. (ILNA state-run News Agency – Aug. 8, 2012)


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