Posted by: bahareiran | March 4, 2012

So-called ‘changes’ in Islamic Penal Code do not rule out child execution

ISNA – Hojatol Islam Mosa Qorbani, the assistant head of the spokesman of the Majlis Laws, in an interview with ISNA, explained the changes in the new Islamic Penal Code and pointed to the removal of stoning as a punishment, and execution for apostasy and witchcraft. “In this law, article 223 has been replaced with some of the [punishments] that have been removed”… [Children] under 18 will not be executed if they are unaware of the nature of the crime: He said regarding the penal responsibility of children who are under 18 and commit crimes that carry execution, “If a mature person under 18, does not understand the nature of the crime committed or if there are doubts regarding their mental maturity, in light of their age, they will be sentenced to the anticipated punishments”. “This law is intended for the execution sentence and other punishments to be carried out [in other words, the priority is for the child to be executed] except in cases when the child is in a condition that he\she does not know that his\her action is a crime”, Qorbani stipulated. “If a child carries out a murder with knowledge, even if he\she is under 18, he/she will stay in a correctional facility and will be executed after he/she reaches the legal age [18]”. (ISNA state-run News Agency – Feb. 20, 2012)


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