Posted by: bahareiran | December 17, 2011

Parliament member says execution is the ultimate democracy and calls Iranian refugees traitors

A member of the Law and Judicial Commission of the Majlis [Iranian Parliament] criticized the report of the UN Special Human Rights Rapporteur and called ‘Qisas’ [retribution, eye for an eye, execution] the ultimate democracy.   

“Retribution is an option which Islam has given to families and this is the ultimate democracy”, Salman Zaker said.

“We cannot count execution as one of the weak points of the Islamic government”, he added.

“Ahmad Shahid has gathered his report from people who are guilty in the minds of the Iranian people and the claims and testimonies of these people have no legal value in the international community”.

“One cannot take heed of the claims of a person who has lost his independence and has ran off to another country because in the minds of his people, this person is known as a traitor and someone who has turned his back on his country”, he added. (ISNA state-run News Agency, Nedaye Sabze Azadi website – Dec. 8, 2011)


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