Posted by: bahareiran | December 2, 2011

Report on dire conditions and torture in Qezel Hesar Prison

Report on brutal torture and degrading treatment of inmates, overcrowded conditions in the cells and the lack of minimum human rights in Qezel Hesar Prison in Karaj:

Unit 3 is made up of nine halls and each hall consists of 12 cells. Twelve to 15 prisoners are detained in each of the 12 cubic meter cells. The overcrowded conditions of the cells have robbed prisoners of their sleep. They have to sleep in shifts or on their sides next to each other on the ground. Some prisoners are forced to sleep in the corridors or restroom halls and stairways. There are more than 250 prisoners in every hall. In addition to this, some of the hall ceilings have water leakages.

On orders of the head of the prison, Hosseini, prisoners have to spend most of their time during the day in the hall courtyard. This is while it is very cold and the freezing temperatures have caused many hardships for prisoners. Those who are unable to leave the hall to go outdoors are taken to the basement where they are violently tortured and usually sustain broken feet and hands as a result.

Prisoners come to prison with only the clothes on their backs and according to prison regulations, their families can only bring them clothes once every six months. The prison does not give them any clothes. With the start of winter and the cold weather, prisoners suffer from not having enough warm clothes.

Prisoners are also denied safe drinking water and are forced to use water contaminated with diesel fuel which tastes and smells like fuel. This has been going on for a few months and prisoners have no right to protest these conditions.

There is only 2 hours of warm water a day for prisons to take showers. Because of the lack of warm water, low number of shower stalls and the water contamination, prisoners can only take a shower once in a few weeks.

Prisoners who protest the intolerable medieval conditions are taken to the basement where they are violently tortured. There is a small pool with cold water in the basement. Prison guards force prisoners to take off their clothes and go into the pool. Then they are taken out of the pool and beaten with batons with the intention of breaking their hands and feet. Prisons are also degraded by being marched naked in the halls. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Dec. 1, 2011)


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