Posted by: bahareiran | December 2, 2011

Isfahan cleric says regime should ‘pick up the stick’ to impose mandatory veil

The head of the Isfahan Friday Prayers said, “The issue of the veil has gone beyond giving notices and to counter improper veiling they have to pick up the stick and use force”…

“Dealing decisively and with force is necessary for the law and to carry out the divine laws”, Seyed Yusef Tabatabayi Nejad added.

“Some officials think that to deal with the issue of improper veiling, [we] have to advance people’s culture but they have to accept that in some cases, one should be decisive and now is the time to raise the stick against improper veiling”.

“If someone does something [so-called immoral act] in public, it has to be stopped because the licentious actions of some people will harm others”, the head of the Isfahan Friday Prayers said…

“In the old times, prohibiting vice and promoting virtue was carried out by a person with a whip”, he added. (Mehr state-run News Agency – Nov. 30, 2011)


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