Posted by: bahareiran | November 5, 2011

Iran forcefully cuts off hair of soccer player in front of thousands of fans

The country’s Soccer Federation is obsessed with forcefully cutting an inch from a soccer player’s hair and is satisfied that by mandatorily cutting off a player’s hair, the atmosphere of Iran’s soccer league will become more moral.

Mandatorily cutting of the hair of Milad Fakhroddin, who plays in Kerman’s Mes Team, before the start of the a game between the Mes and Rah Ahan teams was a ridiculous and insulting measure which in  itself is testimony to the reason behind some of the prevalent problems in soccer and other sectors of the society…

Now that the Soccer Federation does not have the power to discipline a famous [soccer] coach, they instead cut off Milad Fakhroddin’s hair in front of thousands of fans. (Asre Iran state-run website – Nov. 1, 2011)


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