Posted by: bahareiran | August 21, 2011

Iranian judge and executioner of 170 people says he has carried out 3 hand amputations

Judge Esmatollah Jaberi who has been named ‘Man of Execution’ for implementing 350 death sentences says that he should be called the man of peace for getting 180 amnesties from the families of the victims…

(Excerpts of interview with Esmatollah Jaberi) Q: Have you carried out any other sentences excluding executions?

A: I have carried out three hand amputations other than executions. In one of the cases, I amputated the hands of two armed Afghan robbers after they were arrested in Afghanistan. They had been able to escape multiple times with hand cuffs on. In another case, I amputated the hand of another robber who was sentenced to 12 years of prison. (Mehr state-run News Agency – Aug. 16, 2011)


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