Posted by: bahareiran | August 12, 2011

Political prisoner on verge of blindness because of severe torture for writing letter to UN human rights Rapporteur

Ahmad Shaheed

According to reports, political prisoner Afshin Baimani is in danger of going blind because of severe torture by agents of the Intelligence Agency.

Baimani who has been sentenced to life in prison was thrown in a solitary cell for writing a letter to the UN Iran Special Human Rights Rapporteur. He was then taken to a solitary cell in the Sepah Cellblock used by the Intelligence Agency to torture prisoners in Gohardasht [Rajayi Shahr] Prison in Karaj. He was violently kicked and punched, mostly in the face, by four interrogators while shackled and blindfolded. This went on for close to 45 minutes. He suffered deep cuts and bruises on his face and his right eye was severely injured.

This political prisoner was then transferred to a solitary cell in cellblock 5 in this prison and despite his critical condition, a prison agent identified as Mirza Aqayi was ordered to torture him again.

Political prisoner Afshin Baimani has been left without treatment despite his critical condition especially the condition of his eye. If he does not receive timely treatment, he is danger of losing his eyesight because of an eye infection.

Baimani was arrested in 2000 along with his pregnant wife and was under violent mental and physical torture for months in Evin’s Cellblock 209 Tehran. He was later sentenced to life in prison and has been jailed in the notorious Gohardasht Prison since. His brother Mehdi Baimani was shot and killed by the Revolutionary Guards Forces upon his arrest.  (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Aug. 3, 2011)


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