Posted by: bahareiran | August 10, 2011

Iranian MP: opponents of public hangings have been educated in the West

girl watching execution

Nayereh Akhavan, the representative of the people of Isfahan said in Majlis {Iranian Parliament} regarding sentences related to retribution [an eye for an eye, death sentence] in public, “It seems that the implementation of such sentence is effective in preventing some crimes”.

“The principle of handing out punishments and implementing them is to punish criminals but in some cases, based on the decision of the judge seeing to the case, such sentences are carried out in public”.

“One can definitely not ignore or deny the effects and results of such sentences in public because it will definitely punish the criminal and also [act as a] warning for those who are watching the scene”, Akhavan who is a member of the Judicial Commission in the Majlis said.

In answer to a question that some people and specialists believe that the implementation of the death sentence in public can hurt the spirit of citizens and cause negative effects in them, Akhavani said, “These people have mostly been educated in Western academies”. (Fars state-run News Agency – Jul. 18, 2011)


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