Posted by: bahareiran | August 10, 2011

Iran hangs 30 prisoners in another mass execution in Vakil Abad Prison

Thirty prisoners who were charged with drug-related crimes were hanged in two different days on Wednesday June 29 (12 people) and Saturday July 3 (18 people) in Vakil Abad Prison in Mashhad. Like other executions carried out in this prison in previous months, official judicial sources did not announce the hangings. These prisoners were hanged in mass executions.

On the dawn of July 3, the death sentence for a prisoner charged with murder was carried out in this prison with the presence of his family and that of the victim and reports of the execution were carried by local media and judicial officials. This is while the secret execution of 18 prisoners which was carried out in the evening on the same day was never announced. Before this, the Campaign had reported that 26 other prisoners were executed in secret in Vakil Abad Prison on June 15, 2011.

Sources have said that in these executions, execution nooses along with the Attorney General’s orders for the implementation of the death sentence is sent to the Mashhad Prosecutor and the mass executions are carried out on orders of the Mashhad Prosecutor with the presence of the Mashhad Prosecutor and his deputy, the head of Vakil Abad Prison and his representative, the head of the Prison Protection Unit, the Prison Judge, the Commander of the State Security Forces Township, the Commander of the Western Mashhad Police Station and a representative from the coroners’ office in Mashhad. These executions were carried out in the evening before sunset. (International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – Jul. 15, 2011)


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