Posted by: bahareiran | July 21, 2011

Religious academic says dealing like criminals with improperly veiled lead to purity in the society…!

A seminary and university scholar said, “The Judiciary should define improper veiling as a crime which has a specific penalty”.

“In this case, it will be respected like law and will penetrate into the society”.

“Until improper veiling is considered a crime by the Judiciary, measures taken by the State Security Forces will be temporary and ineffective”, she said in a meeting called ‘The Hijab and Chastity’ held in the Islamic Republic News Agency [IRNA].

“In addition to cultural and educational measures, the Judiciary should deal with this issue like an enforced law”.

“We are required to protect the Islamic society and the appearance of the society has to obligate all people to follow the Hijab [Islamic dress code] and chastity”, this university scholar said.

She stressed that “dealing legally and like criminals with those who are improperly veiled will lead to purity in the society”.

“The Judiciary should sanction this plan and the media should also lend assistance so that improperly veiled people who do not follow Islamic norms will be humiliated in the society so as to leave their unlawful actions behind”.

“In the first stage, we are tasked with preserving the sanctum of the society and preserving this appearance, even by force, is completely acceptable”, she added. (IRNA state-run News Agency – Jul. 18, 2011)


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