Posted by: bahareiran | July 21, 2011

Iran deploys 10,000 forces to Caspian Sea shores in summer break to control Iranians

hard to be a woman in Iran

The Operational Deputy of the State Security Forces in Mazandaran said that 10,000 forces will be deployed in the weekend on the roads, sea, jungles and town…

“The increased physical presence, undercover controls and crime prevention especially theft and preventing harassments and unconventional behavior, show of police force, and attracting the public trust with the aim of getting more cooperation from citizens for a permanent security process are some of the plans of the Mazandaran SSF for the summer break period”.

“According to the plans, the police will try to provide a secure atmosphere for citizens and vacationers by being present in all crowded locations, deploying 100 percent of [the forces], reinforcing the automobile, motorcycle and on foot and sea patrols, and identifying vulnerable locations”, Colonel Ataollah Gholamnejad said. (Khabar Online state-run website – Jul. 14, 2011)

'beach police' in Iran


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