Posted by: bahareiran | July 21, 2011

Female political prisoner severely tortured in prison

According to reports, political prisoner Arezu Qebal Azraqash has been detained for more than 4 years in various prisons in Iran and was recently transferred to the Shahre Rey Prison.

This 26 year old political prisoner was born in Mahabad and was arrested in 2007 in the border area in Piranshahr. She was transferred to a solitary cell in the Orumieh Intelligence Agency and was subjected to severe torture for six months in this prison by intelligence agents. Arezu was subjected to sleep deprivation, toilet deprivation, was kept in a standing position for hours which usually resulted in fainting spells, and was subjected to violent physical beatings where she was punched and kicked or beaten with batons which led to injuries in her reproductive organs and severe bleeding. She received 27 stiches for this injury. She was transferred from Orumieh Prison at night and was abused and subjected to a mock execution from which resulted in a 24 hour coma.

This political prisoner was unable to move for two months because of injuries she sustained in her back and neck…

Arezu Qebal Azraqash was tried in 2008 by the 101st branch of the Orumieh Revolutionary Court where she was sentenced to three years of prison on charges of ‘espionage for Kurdistan and Iraqi Intelligence Agencies and cooperating with outsiders’. Despite the fact that she has served her three year prison term, she is still kept in prison in dire conditions. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Jul. 17, 2011)


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