Posted by: bahareiran | July 13, 2011

Female political prisoner refused medical treatment and transferred to insane asylum

According to reports, political prisoner Zahra Jabari is suffering from a severe heart condition and rheumatism and according to a letter by the Medical Commission, confirmed by the Medical Examiner, which was submitted to Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi, she is to be transferred to a hospital to receive treatment for her heart condition and rheumatism.

Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence who make the decisions behind the scenes about the fate of political prisoners transferred Jabari to the Amin Abad Insane Asylum in Shahre Rey instead to put her under physical and mental pressure and make her already poor health worse. The Ministry of Intelligence has ordered that her hands and legs be shackled and that four agents watch her on a 24 hour basis.

Political prisoner Zahra Jabari had warned her interrogators that if she was not transferred to a hospital for her ailments she would go on a dry hunger strike for an unlimited amount of time. After these warnings, she was transferred to the Rozbeh Insane Asylum. Since her transfer to the asylum on June 18, she has been banned from seeing her son and family. (Human Right and Democracy Activists in Iran – Jul. 5, 2011)


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