Posted by: bahareiran | July 13, 2011

Ardabil judicial official says executing drug traffickers is Iran’s pride and honor

proud to be a mass killer

The Head of the Ardabil Judiciary said that the issuing and implementation of execution sentences for drug traffickers is the Islamic Republic’s pride.

“These sentences that are issued and implemented after legal procedures and with the presence and defense of the suspects’ lawyers are the pride of the Islamic Republic”, Gholamali Rezayi said on Saturday in a session of the Legal and Judicial Committee of the Coordination Council to Counter Narcotics in the Province.

“Western countries try to overshadow the implementation of death sentences for drug traffickers with their psychological propaganda without knowing that we will not conciliate with anyone on the issue of narcotics and will consider fighting with narcotics our duty and will never back down until our last drop of blood”, he added. (Aftab state-run website – Jul. 10, 2011)


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