Posted by: bahareiran | June 29, 2011

Tehran Traffic Police Chief calls on traffic police to stop ‘improperly

Dealing with ‘improperly veiled’ people is not only limited to streets and allies and traffic police also have the duty to deal with improperly veiled motorists or car passengers.

The head of the Greater Tehran District Traffic Police said that dealing with improperly veiled people in cars has been one of the duties of Traffic Police in the past and will be carried out more strictly this year.

He also stressed that the police would not invade the personal space of citizens but said that automobiles are not considered personal space.

“Traffic Police have a right to deal with those who are improperly veiled”, he said.

Traffic Police will stop cars with improperly veiled passengers and will give them a notice titled, “Social Offender Automobile Announcement”. On the back of this piece of paper it says that if the person does not go to the Department to See to Automobile Affairs 15 days after he/she received the notice, his/her car will be impounded. (Khabar Online – Jun. 26, 2011)


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