Posted by: bahareiran | June 29, 2011

Iran arrests women’s rights activists and filmmaker

Mahnaz Mohammadi, documentary maker and women’s rights activist was arrested.

According to reports, she was arrested after security forces raided her home this morning. The identities of the agents and the reason she was arrested are not yet clear.

Other reports say that this women’s rights activist and photographer Maryam Majd were taken to the Evin Prison’s Cellblock 2A Sepah.

Mahnaz Mohammadi was arrested before this during the post-election protests on July 30, 2009 along with director Jafar Panahi, Rokhsareh Qaem Maqami and a group of other filmmakers in Tehran’s Behesht Zahra Cemetery. They had gone to pay their respects to those killed during the election protests. She was also arrested during a gathering by women’s rights activists outside of the Revolutionary Court on March 8, 2008 which was held in protest to the pressures on these activists and numerous summonses by security institutions.

‘Shadow-less Women’ is her most renowned work and she has received numerous awards for it outside and inside Iran. She recently made ‘We are half of the Iran Population’ which is about the demands of women in the presidential elections, along with Rakhshan Bani Etemad.

Maryam Majd, who is the only photographer in Iran who specializes in sports was also arrested last Friday when she intended to leave Iran for Germany to cooperate with Petlanderz, a former player of the German Women’s Soccer National League. She was stopped by security forces in the Khomeini Airport in Tehran and was immediately arrested. There are reports that she is in poor health in Evin Prison. (Committee of Human Rights Reporters in Iran – Jun. 26, 2011)


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