Posted by: bahareiran | June 26, 2011

Prisoner commits suicide in notorious prison after severe torture

On Thursday June 23, prisoner Nader Ramezani who was about 26 year old committed suicide in a solitary cell in Cellblock 1 in Gohardasht [Rajayi Shahr] Prison in Karaj and passed away.

A few days before this, this prisoner was transferred from the public ward to the prison’s Intelligence Department where he was tortured for a long time with an electric baton by Faraji Nejad, the head of the Intelligence Department. He was severely bleeding and his body was full of bruises as a result of the torture.

He was then transferred to Cellblock 1 in this prison. A prison officer named Mirza Aqayi and a number of prison guards identified as Yusefi, Zanganeh and Goudarz then took him to a torture room under the kitchen which does not have a security camera and tortured him there once again for a long time. These guards intentionally beat him on the parts of his body that were injured from the previous beatings. A number of prisoners have died or have become maimed as a result of torture in this prison.

Nader Ramezani committed suicide to escape the intolerable prison conditions and torture in this prison. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Jun. 24, 2011)


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