Posted by: bahareiran | June 26, 2011

Iranian female student activist sentenced to 7 years of prison and 74 lashes

Tara Sepehri Far

Tara Sepehri Far, the former Secretary of the Student Association of the Sharif Industrial University was sentenced to seven years of prison and 74 lashes. The Tehran Prosecutor has also confiscated the money surrendered to court to bail her out of prison.

The student activist’s case was seen to by the 26th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Pir Abbasi. This is while even her lawyer was not informed of the trial and her sentence was issued in absentia.

According to the court ruling, Sepehri Far was sentenced to five years of prison on charges of ‘conspiring and assembling against the security of the country’, one year of prison on charges of ‘propagating against the government’ and another year of prison and 74 lashes on charges of ‘disrupting public order’. In addition to this, the bail money surrendered to court for her release in February 2010 was also seized.


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