Posted by: bahareiran | June 11, 2011

SSF will deal with ‘improperly veiled tourists’ in ongoing suppressive measure

Khabar Online state-run website -The Tehran Chief of Police, Hossein Sajedi Nia said that the plan to counter improper veiling will continue for the whole year…

“Men who wear inappropriate shirts or use special necklaces will also be arrested along with improperly veiled women”, he said…

“Those who wear short pants, short and tight coats, thin and narrow shawls
[to cover the hair] and those who resemble models will be dealt with and the
plan to counter those who are improperly veiled also includes tourists. We have announced this issue to travel agencies and have told them to inform tourists about our laws.

We have never said that improper clothes are only limited to women. We
also have improperly dressed and attired men. But the number of improperly
dressed men is much lower than women and therefore, dealing with improperly veiled men is our second priority”, the Tehran Police Chief added. (Khabar Online state-run website – Jun. 6, 2011)


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