Posted by: bahareiran | June 11, 2011

Iran upholds 19 year prison sentence for Iranian-Canadian jailed blogger

Hossein Derakhshan

A source close to the family of Hossein Derakhshan said that his 19.5 year prison sentence was announced to him in prison.

This blogger returned to Iran in the fall of 2008, was on the brink of
execution, but was later sentenced to 19 years of prison.

Those who were being tried in the court for political prisoners after the
2009 disputed elections believe that the indictment read out by the prosecutor in Hossein Derakhshan’s trial was based on the content of his weblog…

Now it has to be seen what the Canadian government will do about the 19
year prison term. (Pars Daily News – Jun. 9, 2011)


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