Posted by: bahareiran | June 11, 2011

Iran dictators at work; young people arrested for dress and even walking dogs

In a news conference on Tuesday, Ahmad-Reza Radan announced the start of
the plan to deal with improper veiling and noise pollution.

The Assistant Commander of the State Security Forces said, “Women and men wearing tight clothes, hair revealing scarves, short coats, repulsive clothes and men who bear the logos of pervasive or devil worshipping groups are all the hallmarks of improper clothing and they will be dealt with. Also all clothes production centers, whether they have a permit or are underground, have been identified and have been warned about producing [improper] clothing. From June 15, if they produce or distribute [clothes] the Public Places Department will deal with them”.

Radan also noted that special police on motorcycles, traffic police and SSF police will be stationed in highways and boulevards and said, “Car drivers that do not follow the [dress code] will be dealt with and their cars will be
impounded for one week”.

“The improperly veiled people will be handed over to the Moral Security Police and after receiving guidance and council, their [names] will be registered in the SSF Intelligence Bank and they will have a record”.

He also said that from June 15, people who have dogs in their cars or walk their dogs in the streets and parks will be dealt with. (Mehr state-run News Agency – Jun. 17, 2011)


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