Posted by: bahareiran | June 5, 2011

Iran human rights chief : retribution [eye for an eye] is very beautiful and important, abolish stoning is to promote adultery

The Secretary of the Human Rights Department in the Judiciary said that westerners take advantage of retribution [eye for an eye] sentences, amputations and stoning. “The west interprets some of these sentences but in Iran it is interpreted based on Islam and the constitution”, he said…

“In another example, it can be said that the west and western human rights say that flogging is torture while in our view, for a convict sentenced to this, flogging is a punishment and penalty”…

“The west says that anyone can change their religion or promote their new religion but in Iran there is freedom of religion… but Baha’is have no right to promote their religion and this is banned in Iran. Imam Khomeini was also asked [about this issue] and he said that various religions live in Iran based on citizenship laws but have no right to promote their religions”…

“Another issue that westerners have problems with is the issue of retribution. This is while retribution [eye for an eye] is very beautiful and important and in a way defends the rights of the society…”

The advisor to the head of the Judiciary said regarding charges against Iran on minor executions, “Not executing people under 18 is one of Iran’s commitments and is included in our law as well but in some cases the judge decides that for example a 17 year old who has committed three murders and knows the consequences of such an act, should be sentenced to death but in general the execution of those who are under 18 is banned and in special cases, committees have to be held”…

Larijani said, “One of the conditions for Turkey’s admittance into the European Union was to abolish stoning and its [EU] goal was only to promote adultery in an Islamic society”. (Mehr state-run News Agency – Jun. 1, 2011)


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