Posted by: bahareiran | June 5, 2011

Bassij father kills 16 year old daughter for 30 min. delay

bassij parade...

A 16-year old girl was killed in one of the villages in Zarin Shahr in Iran because of her father’s intolerance. Her only crime was that she came home 30 minutes late and her father suspected her of having a sexual relationship with their neighbor’s son. The father, Hossein Izad Panah, is an active member of the Bassij [paramilitary forces] and has robbed the peace of his neighborhood because of his reactionary beliefs and ways.

On the night of the incident, the innocent girl is delayed in her friend’s home for 30 minutes while preparing a research report for school. She is met with her father’s rage upon her return and is killed after being beaten and sustaining multiple head injuries. (Zanan-e Iran website – Jun. 4, 2011)


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