Posted by: bahareiran | May 29, 2011

Iran Minister of Higher Education: Freedom is for animals, not humans

Kamran Daneshju, the Minister of Science (higher education) said on Saturday, “If cultural issues are not considered in universities, such a university will not reach its purpose”.

“The presence of girls and boys in universities is an opportunity, but students should not be allowed to mix together”, he added.

According to Daneshju, the dignity of humans is not in absolute freedom, but is in what one must and must not do and if this is taken away, it will reach the absolute freedom that animals have.

“If universities do not move in the right path, they will present scientists to the society but anti-Islamic scientists are definitely not needed in the society and we are looking for guided and Islamic science”, he added. (IRNA state-run News Agency – May 22, 2011)


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