Posted by: bahareiran | May 20, 2011

Prisoner discloses horrifying details of mock execution in Iranian prisons

psychological torture kills

Excerpts of writings of journalist and blogger Saied Pour Heidar: A friend of mine told me in cellblock 350 (in Evin Prison) that he was subjected to a mock execution two times.

Mock executions are carried out before sunrise when (prison guards) go to the solitary cell of the prisoner and tell him that unfortunately, his death sentence has been issued. The prisoner is taken with blindfolds and shackles to the prison yard in cellblock 2A. A stool is placed under his feet, the noose is placed around his neck and he is asked to say his last words or state his will before death.

This friend of mine said that the first time, he was kept standing on the stool for 30 minutes with the noose around his neck and the interrogator would say that they were waiting for the prison warden, court supervisor and the coroner to carry out the sentence. After 30 minutes, he was told that because the warden was not able to come and the fact that his sentence had to be carried out before sunrise, his execution was postponed to a few days later.

One cannot understand the mental condition of this political prisoner in those 30 minutes when the noose was around his neck while he was standing blindfolded on the stool and the four days before the mock execution was to be carried out again.

Four days later, he was once again taken to the yard of 2A and the noose was placed around his neck while standing on the stool of death. The death sentence was read out and he uttered his last words and will. The stool was pulled out from under his legs but the rope was too long and he fell to the ground. The interrogators burst into laughter and looked down at him telling him he was lucky that the rope tore.

“You have to go back to your cell until the new date for your execution is set”, he was told. (Iran Press News Website – May 15, 2011)


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