Posted by: bahareiran | May 20, 2011

Iran sentences tortured lawyer of woman sentenced to stoning to 11 years of prison

Houtan Kian was arrested on October 10, 2010 in a meeting with two German journalists and the son of (his client) Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, sentenced to death by stoning. Security and Intelligence forces in the East Azarbaijan province arrested this lawyer in his office…

Agents of the Intelligence Agency have put pressure on this lawyer in interrogations in addition to the physical tortures by using his previous case when he was expelled from university and detained on charges of apostasy in relation to a book he wrote in 1993, his links to the case of Shahram Jazayeri and also the fact that his father was executed by the firing square in 1980.

According to reports, some of the tortures used on him are as follows:

1- He was forced to wear plastic shorts and was burned with cigarettes more than 40 times on his legs, upper arms and neck. The signs of these burns are clearly evident on his body.

2- His nose and 10 ribs were broken

3- He was given one meal a day for four months and lost 51 kilograms (112 pounds) during this time.

4- His clothes were soaked with water and he was kept outside in freezing cold temperatures.

5- His prison shopping card was blocked after he was transferred to the public cellblock and he cannot provide his needs from the prison store.

After more than one month of torture in solitary cells until November 14, 2010 in cellblock 209 in Evin Prison, he was once again transferred to a solitary cell in the Tabriz Intelligence Agency…

He was sentenced to one year of prison and a five year ban on practicing law on charges of propagating against the government, three years of prison on charges of assembling and conspiring to disrupt the internal security of the country and another three years on charges of acting against national security by the first branch of the Tabriz Revolutionary Court. The 15th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced him to another four years of prison and his espionage charge is still under investigation.

According to report, Mr. Houtan Kian has been denied the right to see his lawyer and family and his bank account has still not been opened while his confiscated personal belongings and automobile are still in the hands of the Ministry of Intelligence.

Mr. Kian is currently detained in cellblock 8 in Tabriz Prison and is unable to eat properly because of digestive problems as a result of torture. He also uses strong pills and has convulsion when put under pressure. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – May 14, 2011)


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