Posted by: bahareiran | May 20, 2011

70 thousand moral police out in full force to control ‘improper veiling’

After a number of clerics criticized the state of the hijab in the society, the head of the Moral Security Police announced the Security Moral Plan with the presence of 70,000 police on the streets.

“Guidance Patrols will no longer be active and instead patrols known as the Moral Security Police will continue their work”, he added.

“In light of the start of the warm season and the large numbers of vacations and trips and the increase of popular requests on the grounds of (Islamic) veiling and moral security, the presence of the police in parks, jungles, river banks, streets and other locations will increase and we will carry out the Moral Security Plan like before”.

“The police will deal with satellite dishes which have been installed in balconies and rooftops in clear view and the offenders will be introduced to the judicial system if this offense is repeated”, he said.

This state security force officials also said, “On the issue of veiling, the police will increase their activities and warnings and those who intentionally appear in public dressed like models will face the legal and forceful actions of the police”.

“In some automobiles, female drivers take off their scarves and the police will impound the vehicle and will deal with the wrongdoers and that person will be handed over to the judicial system”.

Rouzbehani also claimed that “not following the Islamic dress code is like violating civil rights and the issue of using satellite channels, which has caused problems for the country, is in itself a violation of civil rights”.

(Daneshju News, state-run Fars News Agency – May 9, 2011)


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