Posted by: bahareiran | May 18, 2011

Iran: 25 executions in one week, at least 6 hanged in public

two brothers beeb executed on May 17

NCRI – On Saturday May 14, the anti-human regime of Iran executed 3 prisoners in Qazvin and Tonokabon. On May 13, 4 prisoners were executed in Kerman; on May 12, 4 people were executed in Yazd, and on May 10, 5 prisoners in Urumia were executed by the henchmen of the mullahs’ regime. The three prisoners in Yazd were hanged in public.

In another brutal, middle-ages-style act, 9 Arab- speaking Iranians were hanged in Ahvaz on May 8.  Six of them were hanged in the Karun prison of Ahvaz and 3 others, who were brothers and were from 21 to 25 years of age, were hanged in public. Prior to their executions, regime’s henchmen displayed the victims in streets of suburbs of Ahvaz. Ragime’s goal of such atrocious actions is to create an atmosphere of fear and terror among the people of Khuzestan province, especially after the recent protests by the impoverished people of that region.

Mrs. Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian resistance said: At a time when waves of public resentment and protests are targeting the regime in its entirety, and at a time when the unleashed internal power struggle amongst the highest authorities of the regime has confronted the mullahs’ regime with one if its most serious crises, intensifying the suppression and increasing the executions is a criminal, but useless, attempt to prevent the eruption of the popular uprising and increasing social protests.  She asked the international community to set aside the practice of silence vis-à-vis brutal violation of human rights in Iran and impose comprehensive sanctions against the mullahs’ regime.


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