Posted by: bahareiran | May 14, 2011

Female political prisoners kept in dire and dangerous conditions in ‘death camp’

Families are concerned, prisoners are discontented and officials are in silence. This has been the situation since female political prisoners in Rajayi Shahr Prison in Karaj were transferred to a State Security Forces Detention Center in the desert area near Varamin…

Like the Kahrizak Detention Center (notorious ‘death camp’ which was closed down by officials after a number of protesters were killed including the son of a former regime official) Qarchak prison is under the responsibility of the SSF and this is what increases concerns: the rebirth of another Kahrizak.

Naseh Faridi, the spokesman of the Student Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners said in this regard, “Qarchak Prison in Varamin is under the control of the SSF and like Kahrizak, is located in the outskirts of Tehran. The SSF does not answer to relevant (prison) officials and the human catastrophe that took place in Kahrizak can happen again with this method under the responsibility of the State Security Forces in Varamin”.

Mr. Faridi who was a constructional engineer in Iran says that even construction workers could not tolerate working conditions in Qarchak Prison. “Before I left Iran, I was offered work in Qarchak as a contractor. Despite the fact that I was not able to do the work, I did see the physical map of Qarchak. This prison is in the heart of a hot and barren desert which is very hot (in summer) and extremely cold in winter.  My friends who worked there compare it to hell and said that the conditions are (so bad) that a lot of contractors were not able to work there”.

The father of political prisoner Shabnam Madadzadeh who is detained in Qarchak said, “They (Shabnam’s mother and sister) visited her for eight minutes and Shabnam said everything she could about prison conditions in this eight minutes. Even if she had not said anything, we know that the prison does not have good conditions. They have packed about 300 people in a few warehouses. They have no water and fresh air time and they are packed together like chickens. Before (she was transferred here) when we went to see Shabnam she talked well (and was in good spirits) but yesterday when I talked to her for only one minute, I wished that I had not heard her voice”. (Pars Daily News – May 12, 2011)


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