Posted by: bahareiran | May 14, 2011

At least 34 prisoners shot and killed in prison protest

According to the latest information from the families of slain prisoners, the violent actions of Qezel Hesar Prison guards against prisoners have left 34 prisoners dead.

On the night of Tuesday March 14, clashes between security forces and prisoners in this prison led to dozens of killed and injured prisoners. Despite the fact that state run media announced the number of killed prisoners between 10 to 4 people, Qezel Hesar prisoners say that at least 34 prisoners in cellblock 2 in this prison were killed. On the other hand, while the Prison Organizations stresses in its statements that the prisoners died as a result of ‘injuries from being gassed’ and that the prisoners ‘intentionally set places on fire’ and ‘broke windows’, families of slain protesters say that the signs of bullet wounds were clearly evident on the bodies of prisoners. According to eye witnesses, prison guards opened live bullets on the prisoners on the night of the incident.

M.A, a young man who was detained in this prison on charges of carrying narcotics was also killed in this incident. Notably, he was kept in prison for two years without being tried…

Last week, M.A’s family, who did not have any news on him for more than one month, were given a number of files when they went to prison and were asked to identify their son’s body. Finally, two months after his death on May 4, his family was given his body for burial… Other families of slain prisoners went through the same process.

M.A was buried in section 301 in the Behesht Zahra Cemetery in Tehran at the age of 33. According to the families of slain prisoners, a number of other prisoners were also buried in this section. Their burial permits were issued on March 15. The date of death was March 14 and the cause of death was announced as ‘under examination’.

M.A’s family says that they saw three bullet wounds on his body. One bullet had penetrated his shoulder and two others close to each other on his upper thigh and side. They also said that his nose was broken and that torture signs could be seen on his face.

According to M.A’s family and two other families, prison officials and the coroner have said that close to 350 prisoners were killed. (Student Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners – May 10, 2011)


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