Posted by: bahareiran | May 5, 2011

Mahmud Azimi, Dr. Yazarlou, 7 other relatives of Camp Ashraf residents arrested in Tehran

Nastaran Azimi, killed on 8 April 2011 in Ashraf

NCRI – Last Sunday May 01, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence (MOI) savagely raided the home of Mahmud Azimi, a political prisoner of the 1980s, father of two Ashraf residents, and uncle of heroic Mojahedin member Nastaran Azimi who was killed during the attack by Nouri al-Maliki’s criminal forces; he was arrested and taken to the horrific section 209 of Evin prison.

MOI henchmen searched everything in Azimi’s house and took away his personal computer, family photo album, and his other belongings. They threatened Azimi’s family and told them that they had no rights to protest or to ask questions.

In another raid on the house of Dr. Hani Yazarlou, a political prisoner of the 1980’s and a relative of Ashraf residents, MOI agents arrested him and took him to section 209 of Evin prison.

Dr. Yazarlou is an honorable and humanist physician and was imprisoned by both the previous and the current dictatorships ruling Iran; the tortures he endured in the 1980’s at the hands of the clerical regime’s henchmen, were so severe that he continues to suffer from them to this day and is controlling their consequences by various medical treatments. His wife and two sons are also currently imprisoned by the anti-human clerical regime.

Other than Dr. Yazarlou, 7 other individuals, whose name are not yet known, have been arrested in different parts of Tehran and taken to Evin prison.

This report indicates that the brutal raids of the homes of relatives of Camp Ashraf residents are done at the order of henchman Alavi, an interrogator at MOI; Alavi has personally interrogated the arrested individuals. He is a criminal who had a key role in expediting and ordering the death sentences of heroic Mojahedin members Ali Saremi, Jafar Kazemi, and Mohammad-Ali Haj-Aghayee, and was responsible for preventing martyred Mojahedin member Mohsen Dokmechi who had cancer, from receiving medical treatment, leading to his death.


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