Posted by: bahareiran | April 24, 2011

35th Ashraf citizen Bahman Atighi passed away for being denied medical care

After 16 days of agony, Bahman Atighi passed away in Baquba Hospital for being denied medical care

Bahman Atighi, 38, a PMOI member who was wounded during the April 8 attack, passed away in Baquba Hospital this noon April 23 after 16 days of agony due to being denied medical care.

The Iranian Resistance announced in its statement no. 66 that Bahman Atighi was in grave danger and he could not be cured in the Baquba Hospital and needed to be transferred to the US forces hospital immediately.

Over the past two weeks, the Ashraf’s doctors and the residents’ representatives discussed Bahman’s condition with the US forces and the UN representatives time and again. They also insisted on his transfer to the US forces hospital. The Iraqi forces prevented his transfer to the hospitals in Baghdad and Irbil either.

The Iranian Resistance once again calls the US government and forces, the UN and the EU to take any of the following measures:

– Immediate transfer of the wounded, especially the critical ones, to the US forces hospital;

– Transfer of the wounded to Irbil Hospital or European countries.

– Forcing the Iraqi government to allow the wounded and patients to have free access to medical services;

– as seen in all civilized countries- so they can seek necessary treatment in public hospitals and private clinics at their own expense.

Needless to mention that for any of above options, the Iranian Resistance will pay for all the expenses.


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