Posted by: bahareiran | April 7, 2011

Father of jailed blogger says his son is in critical condition but is denied medical treatment

Jailed blogger and human rights activist Hossein Ronaqi Maleki, who is in critical condition because of kidney problems in Evin Prison is still being denied a medical leave and medical treatment.

His family who visited him in prison today has said that his condition is deteriorating.

“Every week that we see him in prison, his condition is worse than before”.

“We went to see the Judicial and prison officials like we have in the past two or three months asking for a medical leave but no one answers us”, his father said.

“They do not let Hossein receive any medical attention and we do not know what else we can do”.

“We go to Tehran every week to visit him and we are worried that his health might be in danger under these conditions. His kidneys are infected and doctors have said that he has to undergo surgery as soon as possible, but they do not allow this”.

Maleki was arrested on December 13, 2009 in his father’s home and was transferred to Evin Prison. He was under physical and mental pressure for 10 months in the solitary cells of cellblock 2A run by the RGC in Evin Prison. He was sentenced to 15 years of prison in an unclear legal process by the Revolutionary Court. His sentence was upheld by the court of review and he is currently in cellblock 350 in Evin Prison. (Kalameh Website – Apr. 5, 2011)


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