Posted by: bahareiran | April 4, 2011

Political activist tortured to death

Reza Maghamesi, a resident of Dezful was killed under torture on March 24 in a secret prison in the town of Ahwaz.

According to reports, he was killed because of severe blows to his pelvis and internal bleeding. The health of another political prisoner, Hadi Rashedi, who was arrested a few days ago is critical because of constant torture and he is currently unconscious and under a ventilator.

In the past few days, another Arab social activist from Ahwaz, identified as 36 year old Ramezan Khaledi from the Ramis Village, was arrested for protesting the pollution in his village because of soot from oil wells and because young people from his village were not employed by the oil company. Hundreds of people in this village are suffering from dangerous respiratory and lung problems for inhaling the soot from the oil wells.

In the past few days, 234 Arab cultural and social activists from Ahwaz have been arrested in various southern towns in Iran. Thirty five of these activists were taken to unknown locations. (Ahwaz News Website – Mar. 27, 2011)


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