Posted by: bahareiran | April 4, 2011

Forces under al-Maliki Command Intend to Destroy Northern Flunk of Ashraf and Prepare Grounds to Murder Residents

NCRI, 4 April 2011 – According to information received from internal sources in Quds Forces, a subsidiary of Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps, on the second day of Ashraf partial occupation by armored vehicles, forces under al-Maliki command intend to destroy the northern flunk and once again stage a bloodbath of the residents under orders of Khamanei, the Supreme Leader of mullahs’ regime.

In order to act on this murderous and unlawful plan, and while a battalion of the fifth squadron of Iraq is stationed in Ashraf, the previous battalion of the ninth squadron which was involved actively in the killing of July 2009, still remains in Ashraf.

General Tariq Azzavi, commander of the army in Diala, said yesterday that, “The fifth squadron will replace the ninth squadron to protect Ashraf.”  A number of the commanders in this squadron have been summoned and are to be prosecuted by the Spanish Courts on behalf of the international community for crimes against humanity.

Forces under al-Maliki command have brought engineering equipment including some bulldozers in order to destroy the northern flunk of Ashraf.

The Iranian Resistance warns about the evil intentions of the mullahs’ regime and the Iraqi government under its influence.  It also reminds the United States and the United Nations of their responsibilities in protection of Ashraf residents and calls for the observing team of the United Nations, and a group of the American forces to protect this team, to be stationed immediately in Ashraf.


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