Posted by: bahareiran | April 2, 2011

Iran secretly buries mutilated bodies of five executed political prisoners in desert

This report has come to us from Iran. Some of it has been omitted to keep the identity of the sender secret.

This report was received at 4 am on Monday March 21.

Five people were hanged on charges of espionage for Israel and acting against national security. Two of these people had cards with old pictures from the 80’s. They were a husband and wife. The woman did not have a left ear as if it was completely cut off in the past. Their tongues were also cut off halfway in a way that they were unable to speak. A woman and two other men were also executed but did not have pictures on their cards. Their bodies were full of wounds and bruises. They (security forces) had brought their dossiers with them and buried these five people in the desert region in the Qom road.  According to the contents of their case and the sentence referred to the Sentence Implementation Unit from the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran their names were as follows:

Hojat Nahavandi, son of Mohammad, about 38 years old

Zahra Ismaili, daughter of Janali, about 30 years old

Adiva Mirza Soleiman, Jewish, daughter of Yaqub, according to the card she was 55 years old

Varia Ahmadi, son of Iraj, about 25 years old

Varouzhan Petrosian, (Christian) son of Rubic, according to the card, he was 60 years old. (Pars Daily News – Mar. 31, 2011)


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