Posted by: bahareiran | April 2, 2011

132 prisoners in danger of imminent execution or stoning in Isfahan Prison

Mohammad Mostafayi has announced that in the past year 191 prisoners sentenced to death in Isfahan who were convicted of carrying and possessing narcotics and some were sentenced to death by stoning submitted their requests for amnesty to the Amnesty Commission. In the end, the Amnesty Commission headed by Gholam-Hossein Ansari accepted the amnesty requests for 59 cases. 

Mostafayi, who is a lawyer, said that the hanging of the remaining 132 prisoners has been planned for the near future.

These prisoners do not include those convicted of murder whose amnesty has to be granted by the families of their victims according to the law.

According to Mr. Mostafayi, to keep the real numbers of executions from leaking out in Isfahan, every month dozens of people are secretly executed and their bodies are handed over to their families.

Death row prisoners are denied due process and none of them had lawyers in the initial stages of the investigations. Most of them had public defenders given to them by the Judicial System because they could not afford lawyers. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Mar. 31, 2011)


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