Posted by: bahareiran | April 1, 2011

Psychological Torture on Iranian Refugees – video

This is a Youtube link for a short film (7 minutes) about the inhuman pressures on Ashraf residents and the 210 loudspeakers set up around the camp by the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government.

On February 8, 2010, several dozen agents of the Iranian regime have been sent to the gate of Ashraf claiming to be family members of the residents and demanding to meet with their relatives. Strangely, they refused to go inside the Camp to meet their relatives.

Several of those at the gate have no relation in the Camp. They are all from the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS. The residents of Ashraf, whose families were said to be at the gate, informed UNAMI and the Iraqi forces of their concern that their family members were being used by the Iranian regime. They proposed that the families enter Ashraf without their minders. But, the families were prevented from going into the Camp, leaving no doubt that the whole episode was orchestrated by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

Right from the beginning the agents, with the help of the Iraqi Army, set up a number of loud speakers and have been blaring threats of mass killing and destruction of the Camp round the clock day and night. The number of loud speakers has now reached 210 which cover all part of the Camp including the residential area.

Not only they threaten the residents to mass killing, destruction of the Camp and also sexual threats against women but also they publicly express support for Ahmadinejad and praise the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) for its achievements.

Some of the loud speakers at the main gate are very close to the hospital. Therefore, patients in the hospital, while suffering physical pain due to their illness, cannot rest nor have any sleep. They are also undergoing a constant psychological torture. The same is true for all the residents since the loud speakers have been increased and set up close to the residential area.

Residents of Ashraf have written to international organisations, in particular UNAMI, on several occasions. In addition the ongoing psychological torture of the residents has been discussed in Parliamentary debate in Europe and Congressional hearings in the U.S.

Mr. Ad Melkert, Secretary General Special Assistant in Iraq (head of UNAMI) has acknowledged in a hearing of Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (December 1, 2010) that UNAMI has unsuccessfully asked the Iraqi authorities to remove the loud speakers.

Therefore, for over a year, the residents of Ashraf have been bombarded by these loud speakers. This constitutes a clear case of public torture sanctioned by Nouri Maliki’s government. The international Community cannot remain silence. It is time for action.

  • The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is expected to publicly condemn use of loud speakers to torture Ashraf residents and urge the Iraqi government to remove them.
  • This issue must be referred to the UN Security Council for adopting binding measures. The world cannot tolerate constant public torturing of 3,400 people.
  • The U.S. and EU must act immediately and publicly demanding removal of the loud speakers and initiating practical measure to end this curtly. 

 appreciate if you could do your best to get these loudspeakers removed immediately by contacting your own governments and the EU High Representative Mrs Ashton, asking them to call on the Iraqi government to stop this psychological torture.


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